COVIDSafe Plan for WFS in 2021

COVIDSafe Plan for WFS in 2021

Booking: Simply email Michael Slee on or use the Join Us page. Please provide the names (First & Last) and contact phone number of all people in your household group who will be attending the film. This will assist with contact tracing, should the need arise. You will be checked-in on arrival. Bookings will close at midnight on the Tuesday prior to the screening (we need time to produce an attendance list for the Wednesday and to also contact council with numbers.) Thank you in advance.

This is a summary of the official COVIDSafe Plan submitted to council. It is in plain language, outlining the main responsibilities of all members and their guests.

COVIDSafe Plan - WFS - one page summary 11.1.21.pdf

This is the full COVIDSafe Plan submitted to council (it is very formal)

COVIDSafe Plan - WFS 7 January 2021.pdf