February 24, Wednesday, 7:30pm

February 24, Wednesday, 7:30pm

Return Home is a drama, set in Adelaide, directed by Ray Argall and is the story of Noel McKenzie's trip back to where he grew up, at a turning point in his life. Ray Argall won the 1990 AFI award for best director. 

We are very fortunate that our screening in February will be introduced by the film's producer, Cristina Pozzan. One not to be missed.

MIFF Return Home trailer which shows the effects of digital remastering by comparing the original print with the remastered version. Amazing.


The link that follows is to an article on the Oz Movies website. Be sure to scroll down and scan it all as it contains lots of interesting facts.


One last link, to an interview of director Ray Argall by David Stratton on the SBS Movie Show in 1998.