Putting together our annual program

We are often asked how we select the films we show. It is quite straight forward and follows the steps outlined below:

1. Firstly, the members of our committee simply love movies and are forever, making a note of films they feel would 'go down well with our members'. We each have our unique ways of doing this. For instance I have a permanent list on my computer which I constantly add to & update. 

2. Around August/September we ask members for suggestions. In the past it has been a small form to fill in, with room for essential details like title, year, country of origin, director or lead actors - it is important that we are on the same page & talking about the same movie. Last year we did the same thing but online through the website.

3. But you don't have to wait until August to tell us. You can pass on suggestions anytime during the year to one of our committee members.

4. Around October, the committee meets to discuss all suggestions, whittling the 'long' list down to a much shorter list. Working to a set of criteria and a loose set of rules which govern the order of films for the year we finalise the program, with dates. We also include 2 or 3 reserve films in case any of our first choices are not available for one reason or another. 

What happens next? A formal list is typed up and sent to all of the Australian distributors to determine availability. I have included a copy of this list for our 2023 Program     

Date 2023Film
25 JanuaryThe Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson – 2021, Australian, 109 mins, drama, colour, MA15+
22 FebruaryLatcho Drom – 1993, 103 mins, documentary about Gypsy Music & culture, French
29 MarchDancing At Lughnasa – 1998, Irish/UK, 95 mins, historical drama, colour, PG
26 AprilThe Book Thief – 2013, USA/German, 131 mins, war/drama, colour, PG
31 MayCarmen Jones – 1954, USA, 105 mins, colour.
28 JuneEquilibrium – 2002, USA, 107 mins, sci-fi/action, colour, M
26 JulyKing of Peking – 2017, Aust., 88 mins, colour, M, Mandarin + English subtitles
30 AugustThe Girl Can’t Help It (1956, USA, 99mins, musical/comedy - Jane Mansfield)
27 SeptemberGolden Voices – 2019, Israel, 88mins, comedy/drama, Russian/Hebrew + English subtitles, PG
25 OctoberThe Lost City of Melbourne – 2020, 80 mins, documentary, Australian
29 NovemberThe Court Jester (1955, 101 mins, colour,) Danny Kaye


Chaplin (UK/France, Italy/Japan/USA, 1992, 143 min, colour, M)

Catch-22 – 1970, USA, 122 mins, war/drama, colour, M

Gold – 2016, USA, 121 mins, Drama/crime, colour, M